Yoga classes held in centrally situated Ferndale, Randburg.
No matter your age, shape, level of fitness or experience, Yoga is for everyone!


We look forward to welcoming you to the incredible practice of yoga & helping you stay “Strong, Supple, Serene”.

Studio props are available but please bring your own yoga mat. 
**Booking via WhatsApp is essential for all classes: 083 564 9446. We currently offer in-studio & online classes via Zoom.

Thank you for your most valued support.

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Instagram: http://@namasteyogasa

Yoga is an incredibly effective discipline, which enables one to develop and maintain a holistic state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga is so much more than just exercise or stretching; it is a way of life, enabling you to rediscover who you are and find your best self, both on and off the mat.
Experience the joy of breathing, stretching, moving – growing Strong, Supple & Serene, in a non-competitive, non-judgmental space.
Discover your ability to be in the moment, enjoy your body, calm your mind and connect with your soul. By working through the medium of the body in asanas (postures) while focusing on the breath, yoga enables one to get out of the head and into the body, ultimately creating the freedom to connect with the true self.

Our name:

Namaste… What a beautiful concept – of all its meanings the ones that resonate most are; “my soul meets your soul”, “the divine in me honours the divine in you” or “I see you”.
Both a greeting and a blessing, it acknowledges our shared connectedness, divinity and humanity.

Yoga at Namasté:

We offer a range of accessible yoga styles for adults and teens. Yoga is suitable for everyone, no previous experience required. Every class is different so you keep learning and growing.
Discover the benefits of this ancient and deceptively powerful practice to enhance your life and improve your health. See our schedule for full details.

*Private classes and yoga therapy by appointment. 083 564 9446